Swift Tutorials – learn how to develop iOS and OS-X Applications with Swift

With Apple releasing its latest iOS Programming language Swift in the recently concluded developers conference, iOS developers and Mac developers would have already started looking for more information related to Swift.

Online tutorials on Swift play a vital role in creating a knowledgeable Swift developers community. Swift-Tutorials.com is dedicated to providing comprehensive information on swift in the form of user friendly and east to decipher text and video tutorials.

Swift Tutorials available in this portal

The range of swift related tutorials available at Swift-Tutorial.com cater to different segments of Apple developers interested in learning the new features in Swift. There are tutorials available for different level of users including basic, intermediate and Advanced.

Swift video tutorials with real time examples

The video tutorials touch on all the aspects related to learning the basics of Swift including the set up environment required on the computer, Data types and Operators, working with strings and characters and finally the all important collection types.

Beginner level Swift Tutorials

In this section, iOS developers new to the world of Swift can find valuable information regarding the following aspects of Swift.

This section deals with the basics of developing iOS apps using Swift. Developers would be learning the basic differences between the syntax used in Objective-C and the syntax followed in Swift.

Intermediate Level Swift Tutorials

After getting a hang of Swift by going through the basic level tutorial, users can step in to the next level by going through the intermediate level tutorial. Developers would be exposed to the following concepts at this level.

  • Building Cocoa Apps using Swift
  • Using Objective-C classes in Swift including the details related to adding an objective-C implementation and Building Objective-C classes
  • Step by Step instructions on how to use swift classes in Objective-C
  • Process of Making a Swift app starting with the creation of a prototype and going all the way to submitting the app in the app store
  • Usage of Functions like Map, Filter, Numerical functions and reduce with example coding

Advanced Level Swift Tutorials

The Advanced section on Swift-Tutorials.com provides Tutorials and best practices about App-Development with Apple’s Swift-Language. You can learn how to use the MVC coding paradigm and the project architecture of OS-X and iOS Apps.

Various Features available in swift-tutorials.com

Swift-Tutorials.com comes with a number of user friendly features. The “Submit tutorial” option enables users to submit tutorials related to Swift. Users can also make use of the “Newsletter sign up option” to receive latest updates in their mail box regarding Swift including the updates released by Apple. Users would also be able to receive the latest swift tutorials in their mail box. The “tutorial finder “option helps the users to find the correct type of Swift material. There are options available for choosing either one or all of Videos, News and Tutorial. User also has the option of selecting the tutorial level in terms of Beginner and Intermediate levels.

The web site also contains a link to the free E-book released by Apple. Using this link user can get a free copy of the E-book on Swift Programming language. The E-Book would provide an overview of the Swift language and the various features that are available for the Apple developers. The E-book also touches on how Swift can be used in creating IOS based apps and OS X apps.