Develop a Push Notification enabled app and .Net Based Push Notification Server

In the latest addition to our range of tutorials, we will be exploring the realm of push notifications. This tutorial will help you to learn to develop an app that utilises the push notification, and simultaneously, allow you to develop a .Net based push notification server.

Getting smack in the middle of a rather hectic schedule, caused my absence through the series. Now that there is finally some time to breathe, I hope we can reconnect as we venture out to our latest programming adventure.

Our agendas for this rendition of the tutorial series are:

Why this particular blog post;
What is a notification center and its pros and cons;
Before writing the first line of code, what you should configure in the iOS Dev Center to use “Notification Center”
What we need to use inside our app to enable the Notification Center
Finally, how to develop a Notification Server which serves the notification to the app users with the help of the Apple Notification Center